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Unite your employees through hybrid working

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Brighton Summit: Unite sponsor, Ingenio Technologies share their thoughts, advice and tips on uniting employees through hybrid working. 

Bringing your team together while some employees are working from home and others are in the office can be a huge challenge.

This is something we’ve all faced over the last few years. Hybrid working has proven to be incredibly difficult for some businesses, whereas others benefitted from it and have decided to make it a permanent option for their employees going forward.

But, looking at the benefits, there are lots of proven benefits to working from home:

Improved wellbeing: working from home has been known to improve wellbeing. This is because no time is spent commuting, which has removed that added stress in the morning and therefore made a lot of workers happier. With no need for commuting, employees don’t have to spend a large sum of money on their train ticket, petrol, etc.

Better work/life balance: with no commute the time spent on busy buses, trains, and cars is yours to either spend with your family or wind down with whatever leisurely activity you love to do.

More opportunities: the possibility of hybrid working means you can get work done anywhere no matter where you are (as long as you have a good Wi-Fi connection). So, you can live on the coast but still get a job in central London.

Increased productivity: employees often feel more comfortable in their home working environment, are better rested, and overall have a lower level of stress – also reducing lateness and preventing sickness.

Reduced need for office space: with more employees working from home, the need for a large office space is reduced. On average, since employees have been working from home, companies have been cutting their office space by 20%. This allows business-owners to invest in other areas, and help drive the business forward.

Of course, everyone is different, and some people also struggle working from home. There are a few reasons why: 

Exposure to Cyber Security: since more businesses have been working from home, the amount of cyber attacks on businesses has increased. Four in ten businesses and a quarter of charities have reported cyber security attacks between 2020 and 2021, many of which did not catch it in time and had their data stolen and exposed.

Limited technology: in the office you might have everything you need at your fingertips, and access to technology and other resources. If employees do not have the right technology to carry out their job when working from home, how are they able to work effectively?

Difficulties communicating: not having the right resources and access could cause disruption between teams. We’ve all experienced Wi-Fi cutting out during a meeting – causing issues but also losing time.

Distractions: working from home can mean more distractions, whether that’s the temptation of putting the tv on in the background or having cuddles with your pet, rather than finishing that report – we’ve all been interrupted by something (even if that’s the kids running in interrupting your Zoom meeting). So it’s understandable that some employees find it difficult to concentrate when working from home.

That being said, hybrid working – overall – can be successful 

Overall, with the right technology, security, and self-discipline working from home offers the best deal for both employer and employee. It combines traditional patterns of office based working with working from home days. This encourages both in-person collaboration and team building, as well as greater flexibility and the opportunity for focused work at home.

Work anywhere with the right IT Support Team 

As an IT support provider, we supply support to many businesses who now have a hybrid working setup, our support is no different to those working in the office. We remotely fix issues and will go above and beyond to get any issue resolved. Giving advice on what tech and security a business needs to function effectively and be safe from any malicious hackers is something we take pride in; we only want what’s best for your business. For example, we will tell you what tech and security products you genuinely need, keeping in mind the position of your business, where you want it to go, and your budget. This follows our core value ‘Customer Obsessed’, Ingenio always put our clients first.

Unite your business through hybrid working with the support from a friendly, experienced IT team. If you are interested, visit our website for more information. Alternatively, contact us on 01273 806211 or email

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