Blockers – what’s stopping you?


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

What is it?

A collaborative and practical 60 minute session to help you identify what’s really stopping you from making things happen.

You’ll be provided with tools to help identify the blockers that are preventing you from making progress with a new idea, business challenge or exciting opportunity.

Then, working in groups, you’ll identify strategies for overcoming the most challenging of these, and finish by sharing the learning as a group.

Who’s it for?

Those who’ve wondered why things aren’t happening fast enough! Let’s face it, we’ve all been there.

Whether you’re a sole trader, team leader or managing director, this session will help.


  • Analyse your current blockers to help you understand and address them
  • A number of strategies to help resolve what’s got you blocked
  • A model to use next time you’re stuck

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