Bubble and Speak – learn to speak confidently in public


This playful workshop is all about developing a confident, authoritative speaking voice (so don’t worry – no singing involved)!

It’s an engaging session of giggles, bubble blowing and making lots of silly noises while exploring what your voice can do. Plus – we’ll take a trip to the alignment disco (details to be revealed!)

You’ll find this session useful if, like most of us, your voice is integral to your work. But even if you know your voice is important, how much time do you spend developing and looking after it? Did you realise that you can choose how you come across to your clients, rather than being restricted by old habits?

Actors and singers learn how to identify and change their voice habits easily…but anyone can (and probably should) do it. With conscious muscle training, you can overcome nerves and learn to get your voice to sound exactly as you want it to in any situation.

What is it?

This is a practical, informative session about the voice and how it works – a training gym for your speaking voice.

You’ll take away exercises to practice, so you can use your voice more expressively, in a way that’s sustainable.

We’ll use semi-occluded vocal tract (SOVT) techniques to bring out the best in your voice, and you’ll learn how to deliver a voice on demand (even under pressure).

Who is it for?

This session is for anyone who uses their voice at work and wishes they knew how to use it better…especially those who hate public speaking or the sound of their own voice.


  • An understanding of the anatomy and physiology of your voice
  • Tools to express yourself as you choose, not as dictated by old habits
  • Breathing, posture and tension release
  • How to speak freely with a clear and varied tone
  • How to cope with nerves
  • How to keep your voice in good working order