Cracking on in wartime Brighton


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What must it have been like to be a child in wartime Brighton?

Travel back eighty years to 1939 and discover how it felt from those who experienced World War II first hand.

Barry, who was seven when war was declared, and Alan who was six, will take you on a journey as they remember their childhoods in wartime Brighton. From Alan’s school being bombed to Barry being evacuated, their experiences shaped who they are today just as those years shaped the world we live in now.

Despite the threat of invasion looming from across the channel they maintained a ‘get on with it’ attitude, which helped them get through one of the most challenging eras of our country’s history.

We’ll hear how that attitude helped them cope day to day and what we can learn and apply to our own lives now.

You’ll also watch some short videos of the time and hear about Take Shelter, a World War II air raid shelter under the playground of Downs Junior School in Brighton, which was refurbished by a team of parents and staff members in 2015.

A rare opportunity to find out more about what it takes to be truly resilient and a talk you won’t forget.