How to start a cult


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

In this somewhat irreverent workshop, Jody Raynsford – founder of Hello Genius, a marketing agency that works with disruptive businesses – takes you through the steps to become a leader of your own cult.

In building an online community of runners as a side project, Jody and his co-founder David stumbled across the formula for building a community of devoted followers that has an energy and momentum all of its own – and which many now refer to, in jest, as a cult (it even has its own amusing hashtag #notacult)

Throughout history, cults have successfully brought followers together behind an enigmatic leader or cause who will say, do and think what they are directed to do all in the name of the cause.

While we won’t exactly be focusing on the sinister side of cult worship (UFO death and sex cults are a completely different workshop), we can draw positive learnings from cult leaders who build a following, sell a mission and inspire belonging among their followers.

This practical workshop will explore how we can use some of these lessons to replicate this in our own businesses, communities or causes and engender the same loyalty, belonging and following. But without the  weirdness.

Join the cult workshop and you’ll walk away with a blueprint to building your own devoted following. What you choose to do with it is down to you…

What is it?

A workshop designed to show you how to use the lessons of cult leaders to build your own following, communicate your mission and create belonging and loyalty towards your business, brand or cause.

Who is it for?

Founders, owners and those responsible for communication or community building and want to grow a strong following around your mission.


  • Clarity about exactly what you need to do to build a cult, following, community or rallying cry around a cause
  • A series of practical steps to take back to your business or team to start the cult building process
  • A big smile on your face because it’s going to be fun (and a bit weird)