Learning the art of effective delegation


Workshop – learn new skills from passionate experts.

What is it?

A workshop that helps you find the utopia that is guilt and worry free delegation.

How often do you find yourself completing tasks which aren’t in your sweet spot but you feel uneasy about asking for help?

You know that you should be delegating, but if you’re a perfectionist it’s much easier said than done. ‘Nobody can do it as well as me’ (we’ve all been there!)

This practical workshop will help you define what the main strengths are within your business and summarise your ‘to-do list’ to learn how to focus effectively.

You’ll pick up some useful tools on how to work more productively with the mindset shifts that are needed to succeed and overcome ingrained habits and procrastination.

It’ll also cover how to block out time to work more effectively and how you can measure and monitor what you’ve delegated.

Delegating one of the most effective ways to achieve business success. It encourages a culture of trust, loyalty, quality and ownership as employees’ responsibilities become clearer. Simply focus on what you’re brilliant at!

Who is it for?

Business owners, consultants or freelancers as well as larger business owners who lead teams.


  • Ability to quickly decide what’s strategic and what you’re good at, what’s ‘just business’ and what’s a distraction
  • How to measure and monitor what you’ve delegated
  • Make progress straightaway by using your own examples