Unleash your creative comedy genius


The Engine Hour – inspiring sessions that will recharge your batteries and get your cogs whirring.

How do the best speakers move, touch and inspire audiences?

From talk show sensation Jimmy Carr to highly acclaimed stand-up circuit stalwart Steven K Amos, these comedians have learnt and cultivated the skills to wow audiences and keep them hanging on their every word.

Dynamite content, an understanding of who they’re talking to and expertly timed humour sets them apart and leaves audiences coming back for more.

In this fun and interactive session you’ll discover some of the skills they use and how to relate to your audience with your own personal sense of humour.

We’ll start by getting your creative juices going and fleshing out your burgeoning ideas through creative writing exercises. We’ll also help you silence those negative whispers and begin to understand your own speaking style.

Once we’ve developed kick ass content we’ll edit it for maximum audience engagement and, if you feel empowered to do so, some members of the group can share their draft and performance with the rest of the room.

Whether you’re keen to improve your presentation skills, nail a pitch or become a more confident speaker this is the session for you.

Run by Louise Stevenson, a communication and public speaking coach, comedian and founder of Speakeasy Coaching & Brighton Comedy Course.

NOTE: There’s no requirement to speak publicly in this session. Just the opportunity if you’d like to!