Wild collage


What it is

This workshop is a space for you to slow down and make your own art, while connecting with others. If you’re always telling yourself you’ll find time to be creative – and then never manage it – this is for you.

It’s designed to be natural, relaxed and hands-on. You won’t be talked at or make loads of notes you’ll never read. Instead, you’ll discover the power of creativity to cut through the noise and provide you with a different kind of breathing space – one without words.

Using collage as the mechanism, you get search for images, select, arrange and stick them down.

You’ll find yourself satisfied in a way that you won’t quite be able to explain, both by the art, and the connections you make. Conversations, should you choose to engage in them, will flow with ease (we talk better when we are busy doing something else).

Come with an open mind and a willingness to play, and you’ll leave, feeling calm, refreshed and with a collage piece that you can take home with you.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to find a way to be creative – even when they’re constantly busy. The workshop is designed to help you learn ways to (re)connect with your creative power and cut down on admin, so that you can kick ass, be wildly creative and enjoy life in full colour.


  • Finding the big WHY in your business
  • What your motivation is
  • How to find space for creativity in a busy life
  • How making art leads to making connection
  • How creativity inspires calmness

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