Emma Jennings

Emma Jennings

Emma Jennings has a background in being serious. She is the founding publisher of the eco-friendly consumer guide The Green Guide for London and the natural parenting magazine Juno which she published and co-edited for seven years.

She embraced laughter yoga after a particularly stressful time in her life and is one of the co-founders of Brighton Laughter Club which has been offering low-cost laughter yoga sessions in the heart of Brighton since 2011. In her spare time Emma enjoys improvised comedy and swimming in the sea.

Emma will lead you through the hour and explain how the powerful role of laughter fosters connection and is backed up by the latest trauma research as well as by the work of anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist Professor Robin Dunbar at Oxford University.

Emma can be found at https://brightoncheerful.co.uk/ and https://brightonlaughterclub

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