How to ask smarter questions: The 6 Universal Principles


About this workshop

In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to ask questions in a way that truly satisfies your curiosity. Data storyteller Sam Knowles will share his compelling framework designed to make every question count, based on the six universal principles detailed in his forthcoming book, Asking Smarter Questions. When you ask questions in the right way, your organisation becomes more collaborative, more productive, and less confrontational. This is especially important for remote and hybrid teams, where tone and meaning can easily get lost.

What is it?

An dynamic, participatory workshop designed to help you sharpen your questioning skills. You’ll come away with the tools, permission, and confidence to make better use of questions in your life and work, as well as an understanding of how openness, open-mindedness, and active listening are at the heart of asking smarter questions.

Who is it for? 

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to interact better with others at work, at home, or at play
  • You’re frustrated by the polarisation in society that’s fuelled by social media
  • You feel like you had the curiosity squashed out of you by work or education



  • The 6 Universal Principles for asking smarter questions
  • How people whose jobs depend on asking smarter questions do it – from coaches to research scientists, GPs to journalists, Zen Buddhists to market researchers
  • The 15 smartest questions in the world

About this speaker