Kindness in the workplace: Benefits and barriers


What it is

We’ll explore kindness in the workplace, using our experiences running the Sussex Centre for Research on Kindness, and our involvement in the BBC Kindness Test – a mass public science project on kindness carried out in partnership with the University of Sussex.

We will examine what kindness in the workplace looks like, and what the benefits and downsides are, including its relationship to burnout.

You’ll be able to share your own experiences of workplace kindness – and the successes and failures you’ve seen or been part of. Then, you’ll brainstorm ideas on how to break down barriers that stop people being kind at work.

You’ll leave with a new understanding of the role of kindness in your workplace, and how to apply that for the benefit of your team.

Who is it for:

People who want to make their workplaces kinder, especially those leading teams.

Those who are interested in research on kindness for any professional or personal reason.


  • What acts of kindness are most valued in the workplace
  • How others perceive kindness at work
  • The relationship between kindness and burnout